In accordance with the resolution of the Budapest Bar Association, particular attorney’s service fees cannot be published on websites, therefore we would like to kindly ask you to contact us by e-mail, telephone or in person for more information regarding the subject

Attorney’s fees may be affected by the nature of the issue, its complexity, the length of the assignment, the value of the subject of the issue as well as the extent of the attorney’s responsibility. Following to the realization of the agreement and the signature of the relating contract of service, no hidden fees may come up during the engagement. Attorney’s fees shall be paid usually in advance, on the basis of a fixed fee, percentage, hourly fee or unique remuneration. Our Clients shall be informed in advance relating posterior payments or installment payments, as well as relating any eventual additional costs such as procedural fees, taxes, court costs, expert fees.

We take special care to always find and offer to our Clients the most cost-effective solutions.

To provide an even better financial construction to private enterprises, business associations or other organizations demanding constant legal assistance, our firm can offer lump sum contracts as well, having more favorable fees comparing to ad-hoc assignment fees.