Our mission and the fundamentals of our success is to provide customized, effective and practical solutions to our customers’ business related or other kinds of legal issues. In order to satisfy the needs of our constantly growing local and foreign clientele operating in the fields of various activities, we offer our services mainly in the fields of civil law and administrative law, while in case of need we can represent our Clients in criminal law issues as well. Our law office is highly experienced in the fields of corporate law, real estate law, labour law, financial law and family law, furthermore on request we are at the service of our Clients in tax law related questions as well. In addition, we represent our Clients’ interests in litigation and out-of-court proceedings, as well as in administrative law issues.

We believe that supporting negotiations in between opposing parties is the most sufficient way to find an efficient and cost-effective solution to the problem, thus our law office is fully emphasizing on the promotion of communication between the parties, ensuring such way that the long and expensive court proceeding shall be the last tool of enforcement of our Clients’ interests.

Besides the continuous professional self-development, our firm takes pride also in possessing an active and professional language knowledge, therefore to be able to assist our Clients in a more comprehensive way we offer our law services in Italian and English languages as well.